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Life With Our Father 365 Blog Join the conversation at the LWOF 365 blog, your daily source of inspiration presenting the heart of our heavenly Father. Life With Our Father 365 is a daily meditation inspired by the book, Life With Our Father – the Better Life of Knowing God, by James E. Laero.
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We are more than just survivors!
There is no need for you to tremble at the storms of life. There is no reason for you to fear failure, or loss, or even death. He [the Father] loves you dearly. He understands you completely. He knows all of your weaknesses, all of your pains, all of your fears and all of your needs. You need never cry out questioning His care for you. He cares more than you can imagine.

God's greatest desire is to live with His children, to be with you. All of history is His love story showing how He moved and worked to bring us all to His house. We need never doubt our place in His hands! In Him we are more than just storm survivors, we are eternal children of the Most High God, born to rule, reign and live with Him.
(excerpt from Chapter 1 of
Life With Our Father)
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Discover the real truth about
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  - Meet the amazing Father that Jesus
    came to show us.

  - Learn what moves the Father's heart.

  - Experience the better life that you can
    have by knowing your God!

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   I laughed, I cried ...
... and I shouted, "yes," all the
way through.
Great book! Thank you!"    J.J.W.

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Your future starts now!
What a God we have! And how fortunate we are
to have him, this Father of our Master Jesus!
Because Jesus was raised from the dead, we've
been given a brand-new life and have everything
to live for, including a future in heaven —
                                — and the future starts now!

                                    1 Peter 1:3,4 the Message
Start your journey today.
 Life With Our Father The Better Life of
  Knowing God, is a unique look into the
   heart of God the Father and a very practical
    guide to the better life He has given us.
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Pulled from darkness...
The Lord used this book to pull me out
of one of the darkest periods in my life
when all I could see was my own failures.
Now I know He's not going to give up
on me.  — T.M.L.

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I never knew a real father ...
... until I read about my heavenly Father in
this book. My natural father molested me
when I was 13 years old, so you can understand
that my idea of a father was very twisted.
Thank you! I have found my real Father! J.A.W.

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Are you ready for a better life?
Then it's time to get to know your heavenly Father.
God loves His children. He loves you with a burning
passion. He takes pleasure in teaching us, walking
with us and helping us succeed. His greatest desire
is to be with you and for you to live a better life...
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